Research, Design, Development and Production

Excellence is personal

A Mecalc Design is our promise that every person at Mecalc involved in the life cycle of our products is personally committed to creating something truly exceptional.

From conceptualization to calibration and client support, each point of every A Mecalc Design product’s life is painstakingly managed by a committed Mecalc Team. Our creative energy and unwavering dedication translate into products that provide an unparalleled and highly personalized user experience.


A Mecalc Design products have been researched, designed, developed and manufactured completely by and at Mecalc. These products are compact and highly integrated acquisition and control systems which measure and output precise, high-speed analog and digital signals.

Both standard and complex multi-channel tasks are addressed by the same Modular platform, which can be freely configured as small troubleshooting solutions or large distributed systems. Our PAK MKII and QuantusSeries products are crucial to markets where exceptional development and production quality are essential.

Visit the PAK MKII website for information about our larger systems, which include systems containing up to 192 channels in a single mainframe.

Follow the Q to visit our QuantusSeries website for more information about our QuantusSeries range. Designed for convenient recording, troubleshooting and laboratory quality portable measurements, this hand held 2-18 channel MICROQ impresses users with its simple approach and robust handling.


Our commitment to uncompromised quality at all levels has led us to develop our own support and service processes to fully test and/or calibrate the scope of our products. Mecalc’s calibration services not only provides internationally accredited measurement traceability but also ensures our products produce accurate and repeatable of results over time.

Mecalc is a highly specialised engineering design house which enjoys pushing innovation ahead of the game.

Driven to position ourselves at the forefront of new developments and thinking, we research, design, develop and manufacture advanced acquisition and control systems. Used to optimise noise, vibration and structural integrity in prototype or quality control testing, our PAK MKII and QuantusSeries hardware are crucial to markets where exceptional development and production quality are essential.

CHARGED TO INNOVATE, we're inspired to create products for those who are as passionate about
creating theirs.